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jennifer_girlycd said
Hi, I have met a handful of men and women thru the website. The two women I have met, we have become great shopping friends, and love to have girly days together. Now the three men I have met, they turned out to be very nice gentlemen and down to earth. But I have to admit, they brought out the naughty side of this girl. And lets just say, the sex was amazing. I will be an Swinger World member for some time to come, I love it! Jennifer
licher4hrs said
Heres a quick thing that happen to me at an adult book store I had my Swinger World tee shirt on and was pricing toys around the store when I noticed I had 4 or 5 people men and women following me finally I asked them if there was something I could help them out with they asked me where I got the tee shirt I told them they said does that site work alright I said yes as I was on my way to meet a member and have since then met a member that is so close to every thing I could ask for and more thanks Swinger World
sub4uplsr said
Through this site I have met several men. I am so happy to say I have met the man I only dreamed of. He is the kindest, sweetest, most honest person I have ever met. I think we will be a forever love story. Thank you Swinger World for the chance to meet him. :-) I am a happy gal.
forbiddenlove14 said
I will keep it short and sweet. My bf and I were both in relationships but searching for something that was missing with discreet profiles on here. After 2 weeks of trying to avoid the oh so persistent man that was wanting to chat, I gave in and clicked reply. That was the best decision I ever made. We clicked instantly, fit in the other one's holes and were each others missing pieces. I won't go into detail but I can tell you with confidence that we are the proof that sometimes something, or someone, comes into your life, and shit may get messy and totally not how you envisioned your life. But once in a while, that messy was supposed to come shake your ass to where you really needed to be, with the person you were supposed to be with!!
rm_dewayen10003 said
A men in the world to see if I can do it for all of the women that I can get to know if they will let me get to know them and then it wood be a beautiful thing to be in their life if they are doing great things about the way the world is ending up to be a great time to make new friends and have a great time with your friends and have fun funny as then go on and on about the way they can get together sometime and have a good time together again and again if they were to have a great time at the time and place to be together for a little bit of there time to get out of there would have a great time with somebody who they want to go to see if they were to have a great day for a few hours of there life in a way that they were to it the way they want to do it if they were to get off a few time and a new one in a one
rm_dewayen10003 said
A men in the world to see if I can do it for all of the women that I can get to know if they will let me get to know them and then it wood be a beautiful thing to be in their life if they are doing great things about the way the world is ending up to be a great time to make new friends and have a great time with your friends and have fun funny as then go on and on about the way they can get together sometime and have a good time together again and again if they were to have a great time at the time and place to be together for a little bit of there time to get out of there would have a great time with somebody who they want to go to see if they were to have a great day for a few hours of there life in a way that they were to it the way they want to do it if they were to get off a few time and a new new one in there life for a few hours and the way they want it to be on them or under them up to the one that is there is the only one that can call the shots if they were to have a good day in your life
rm_dewayen10003 said
Am a good men for a few years later get to know how we wood be good for a few hours or more than just a little bit of time before we wood be together and have a great time to get together and fund out and about one or the women in the world to me and see it as good as it can be it is not a bad thing I don't think it was a bad things to do together if you want to know someone who is a great men who wood to find out if you want to
Coklovingwife said
Lance & Lacey new on Swinger World for only a couple months now learning how to surf the adult web. Never knew it would be so fun to take hot pics and videos of wife to post for all to enjoy! We've learned always do the homework to figure out who has same interest and wants to experiment same in life. We've also learned by posting interesting icebreakers will pay your monthly membership for life! ;)
TrippG said
I've been on Swinger World for maybe 3 weeks, and not frequently I might add. As a result of posting a profile and a bit of chatting I've just had a great sex session with a female Swinger World member who just so happened to be in town visiting friends. She came to my home, had a great time and then left without any drama or fuss. A great time was indeed had by the both of us and we are making plans to get together again before she returns home. A great "hook up" plus a friend made. Did I mention that I'm not even a paying member ?? Thanks Swinger World. Hats off to you and your crew.

Tripp - Male 37
playsrealsweet said
What major way to have accessability to so parts of places in anywhere anyone is from in all parts of the world. The many featured area's in this adult-connection and site to get additional attention has got is awesome, and the chances for getting noticed seem really highly much more likely. Adding an account is perhaps a fine way to start looking for people interested and all the likes! "I agree, the place to be has gotta be this one".
greatman4u1959 said
I met two ladies on this site at different times.

The first was a tall beautiful white female. We talked on the phone several times and decided to meet at a local bar that we we’re both familiar with. We had a wonderful time laughing and talking and before the night was over she asked to come home with me.

The sex was great we were both hot as hell! Her pussy and ass tasted like candy. We pleased each other all night having many orgasms.

The second young lady was a black female. We also met at a local bar. We had several drinks while laughing and talking sexy and nasty to each other.

After the 5th long island ice tea she asked me to show her my dick she grabbed and squeeze it and then she invited me over to her apt were we had sex all night.

We fucked and licked each other all night. Her pussy and ass also tasted like candy.

Both ladies were pleased and complemented my package all night long!! We still keep in contact.

This site has been wonderful for me.
bhg9363 said
We met up with CanUplaywithme3 this weekend, and we must say that she was a great addition in the bedroom. Definitely a lot of fun to have her! My wife couldn't get enough of her and we definitely would enjoy to host her again.Maybe next time we will get to finish the wine ;)
slcnaked said
hi ive heard alot of comments about how people dont really hookup here .. but there has been several times ive chatted with others from slc ut and made good contacts and friends ...ive had many guys strip me nude and played on cams with them ladys who love to suck and fuck here soits been alot of fun for me
Coklovingwife said
My husband and I are new to Swinger World. We've had lots of fun posting pics of slutty wife and I husband down for what ever wife wants Reading hot stories/posts about friends we have met online even a couple in person!! These stories, blogs, very hard pics of fat cocks and beautiful pussies turned us on so much. Love that we can all get on this site to share some same interests sometimes making our fantasies come true and I haven't even mentioned the phone sex.
rm_amr91123 said
I can't believe I haven't had time I don't like drama and I wish I had a perfectly good gf
thickerwood said
I met a great lady on line.Usually I do ok in person but you can cover more ground online.Honesty is key and patience helps a lot.And taking it slow sometimes is better than revealing too much too soon.At worst you may get a friend for life.

It is more work for a man and easier for women to find someone due to the ratios.But it's the same in silicon valley 166 to 100 men to women.
TravelingMan524 said
I have been a member for several years. I've joined some groups and had some fun. It can be frustrating but if you just be yourself and go with the flow then it can be very worthwhile. Some times I feel that I must be the only guy in the world who doesn't have at least an eight inch cock but that is part of the game too. Average people find friends and sometimes sex here every day. It sure beats watching reruns of Giligan's Island in a motel room alone. I have made some very good friends here and had some great sex with some of them. The friends is the important part the sex is just a great extra.
udvikdilino4 said
rm_nick77535 said
We'll i have meet a lot of nice people made some friends have been having a lot of trouble tho blogging in it keeps telling me my email is wrong but it is still a good site
chickieT said
This can be a great site for meeting people... wished more guys were honest though always send a pic so no surprises for either one lol!
catfish122579 said
I make so money I can't even afford to pay 4 my site fee
rm_230311 said
Where to start with our Swinger World experiences? I guess at the beginning would be the best place.
rm_Thsono said
Hey there I guess this is a good way to meet some pple just Email me Swinger World plz
Friend48 said
I know this won't get posted, but..... For me this site is full of fake people. People post what they think others want to hear to get them to respond with no intention of do what they say they want to do. If someone tries to contact you, why is it so hard to say hi or not interested, not just totally ignore someone. Not even close to a success store here.
Remi_D2 said
Well it has been almost nine years, and it was here I met my girlfriend. We have had our ups and downs but we are still together. We have life together and a child. So you can find someone in the oddest places. I can only hope that we keep going long and strong as the years go you never know who you might met.
wildman85712 said
I can't believe I haven't had time I don't like drama and I wish I had a perfectly good gf
rm_jack70911 said
we join this site thinking that we will get some foreign couples to enjoy, not even single response. use less site, developer has to provide option to get connected with other country and local both options, this site needs lot of improvements
solotrucker1964 said
I've been rejected by over 500 women in the 10 years I've been a member of this website! I've read the success stories but I've yet to meet anyone and the women here are fake in the St. Louis area! I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone. It's worse than craigslist!
rm_Gucci1871000 said
I feel like fuck and fuck and fuck sorry I'm Egyptian hommie😱🔫
tashwants33 said
Two years ago I started to entertain the idea of being with a black man. As the months passed by, those entertaining thoughts turned into deep sexual fantasies. I couldn't take it any longer and built the courage to tell my husband. And to my surprise, he was very turned on! We decided to put an ad on Swinger World & in 1wk we found our first bbc! He was everything that we could have hoped for. .9 inches and mega thick! He took it for a 2 hr ride nonstop! Thanks to Swinger World, we got our hottest fantasy fulfilled!

rodnat81 said
I'm amazed by how easy it was to have a desire and find yourself with another doing it! i never belived it was that easy, if you ctan't get laid on here then youdidn't upgrade
boobwatcher11 said
well a subscriber named Dreamer221965 was on a date with me and after a fun time it was time to pay the bill and of course that's what I do she saw the money I had in my wallet and grabbed 200 dollars and stuffed it down her shirt and said we are going to have a good time tonight and proceeded to ask where I parked so she could park beside me and we will go to a friends house. Well you guessed it she left and I never saw her again or my 200 bucks. The police have her phone number and are looking for her so if you want a date with dreamer you are going to get a surprise.
2014hardandfast said
Ive had the time of my life on these sites first I meet up with two horny blonde s and had a very magical night the night after I took my partner with my as she is bi we both couldnt help but smile for days after since then the word has spread and we have been meeting up with horny cupples and horny females who enjoy sex as much as we do I can sit and wstch to females go at it lukw mad them sit and enjoy watching the two of them pleasure me before I take them both from behind god I love sex and I love these sites
opallove3 said
I have had some really good times with people I've met here. I am very much into diversity, However, there are people on here that are very rude once they find out you are of a certain race. It would be great if there could be filters to select the race you are looking for. Sorry, but I didn't see anywhere else to ask for this. Thanks and also thanks for the free upgrade. It's awesome!
TemporaryVegan said
I came here to Swinger World because sex is my favorite activity (but I have many hobbies and plutonic friends). I made it clear in my narratives that I want a long term relationship and I found me a great guy who is not only the most creative and thoughtful lover but who is willing to share some hobbies (as he also has many). I knew he was special from the first day, when (after 2 hours just talking and holding hands in the mall) he kissed me long and probingly, very sensuously at my car. He constantly sweeps me off my feet (even literally). I can enjoy his performances as amateur actor, and he is joining me in playing Medieval for now and later I may join him in Square Dance which he used to do with his X and we both may do some woodworking, metal-smithing, lapidary or such.

My best advice for those who have no one yet, is to be honest about who you are and about what you want (including photos - I'm 76 & took a shot naked reclining) I DID pose in the most becoming way but no retouching. Right now, just looking for the button to retire my profile because I don't think I could possibly find a better lover and friend.
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corkie2 said
I met a lady on here and she sure likes to fuck and have sex with other guys. We were at a bar and I was playing witth her pussy, she wanted to leave and go for a ride so I could make her cum. We drove on the Freeway for about an hour and she got horny she wanted to pull in to a rest stop and have sex, I did and while I was playing with her cunt her dtress was up around her waist I had a big black dildo and was fucking her cunt with it, some guy came to the window and said that sure looks like fun, I said do you want some pussy, he said yes so I said get in and kneel between her legs. He had this big eight inch cock, she grabbed that cock started jacking him off, she said oh fuck stick that big cock in my pussy and fuck me. He fucked her for about twenty minutes and shot his load of cum in her cunt. He got out and some black guy came to the window and said he wanted some white pussy, she said sure fuck my white pussy with your big black cock, stick it up my ass and fuck my ass too. She was screaming how good that big cock felt and she was cumming all over his cock and balls, she was screaming how fucking good that black cock was, I was playing with her big hard clit and made her cumm, he shot his big load in her pussy. and got out, after I knelt between her legs and looked at her pussy, it was stretched wide open, My ten inch cock slid into her cunt so easy, I fucked her about twenty minutes and shot my hot load in her cunt and ass. she said oh baby you make me feel so hot, I rubbed my big slippery cock all over nice tits, and sucked her nipples and got hard again, she said oh honny fuck me again. I fucked her and she sucked my wet cock.We went into the rest room and washed off, she said god that was the best fuck she ever got in her life. Guys were looking at her big swollen tits when she walked into the bathroom, it made my cock hard again, and while we drove to a bar she gave , me the best blow job
Adi901111 said
my name is Adnan, more precisely from Sarajevo I Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had a long relationship, five years ... and they all fell ... Now I hope to meet someone and go long been that person to devote all!!
yasirduaale said
I never see like you
rm_mihaha979 said
Site is fantastic .... I ran into a colleague from work, which I would never say that she want some action.Oh my God she is 23 years old and wild, wild in bed....One of my best experience...I'am stil single because girlfriend in this crazy situation is to much..If someone told me, I would't believe...
mikeemathews said
i would like to talk to a girl while doing my girl friend iwould like to talk to a girl that would shave her pussy and let me talk to her while my girl friend gives me head i have a fansty to have a red head girl that has a big fat lips and a shave pussy and would play with it while i eat my girl friends pussy
28HotFunGuy28 said
If you're sexy and have the stamina, THEN OMGosh, this site will give you more memories than you're prepared for. It's like a candy store of social sexual impulsiveness and understanding, WOW!
realgod111 said
u can date outside if u visit our country
yen_55 said
9 years ago i met a wonderful man. he and i dated for several months. for unknown reasons we lost touch. we had met on here. i continued my membership on here.then one day i got a message on here and it was him! we met up and because of adult friend finder i am now married to that man! dreams do come true! thank you Swinger World. because of you i have found true love and happiness.
cleanpussya1000 said
well this is about the best sites that I've ever been on I've hooked up with numerous girls and I've received hundreds of emails and they all came to me and uh timely manner the support team here is wonderful I wish I had their job but since I don't they said they would give me a free membership for all my hard work and showing my photos but seriously this is a good site there is a lot of beautiful women on this site that's why I keep coming back
last month I was admit in hospital becoz my ass has tare . the two man was tare my ass by putting.her hard dick in my ass I can't control my self I start crried whel they fuck me hard . my ass get dlaed . I admit for 15 days . now I am ready to get fuck . with any one .
works73 said
most are devient about sex and dishonest. site never works. can never see local people and payed money! really bummed! Was excited to get on now feel horrible after a year of paying, spending a lot of time to get treated bad!
theheaddoctor808 said
Adultfrindfinder has made me alot of friends and my sexual experiences fantastic. I like to thank Swinger World for the opportunity to expand my love for poetry their blog section has made me some what popular in my community.
caveman1972013 said
men and my wife meet up with two different ladys and we had the time of our lifes, i hope it keeps going on they were the best of, friens when the left.we started with texting , then calling and have meet up of wishes for mofe fun.
12Hot4You said
I came looking for fun, and I found love! The man I met on Swinger World is amazing and I am so glad that he is. My whole life is changed! Thank you Swinger World for allowing me to meet my dream come true!