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tongue4sweets said
Sorry no success story the only person I have meant so far wanted 400.00 to have a good time
jyotishemail2 said
iam jyotishemail to hot and sexy looking for hot mans and guys , if any want me just call me iam on in ur bed
idhayathirutan said
i want my fucking partner
comengetme9994 said
soooo i dont' have a story... cuz i am just looking at your site... and u don't let me see anyone ???? uless i join??? really ??? i am not going to join uless u let me see .... and u don't give a customer service # to talk and ask questions... Y?... a n d.... the few pics are NOT sexy trannys.... they are men.... men.... not cute sexy trannys with all ... sooo that does nothing for me... i am not into a guy!!.... why don't u let me see and check out the gurls and find one and want to sign up...? i want to meet a gurl and see... like a dating site shold PoF.... soooo Y ?
LolaandNico said
To be honest there are many people who waste your time on this site by not replying back to you when you ask them a question, nor do they give you a straight answer about their likes or dislikes. To date i find this site to be really Crappy and Bogus. Hasen't done anything for me yet.. It's just not working.
rm_kathimbo said
we started without knowing one another but now share with me you are the one of my choice
animadash said
I have sent around 20 messsages. But the ladies on whom I am interested aroound 10, I have not received messages from any of them.What I have to do.Only one or two messages I have received from ladies staying in USA. I want messages from ladies staying at Bhuabaneswar or Cuttack Orissa. Please see what I have to do.Thanks
TheDarken69 said
Guys listen to me as hard as you fucking can. Its rain pussy in this Mother Fucker. Not pitiful sad ugly step sister pussy now that is abundant & goes without a need for a story. possibly a stiff drink and some of the Great pussy Yes. venus flytrap trap your ass. thhinking aboutt a ring pussy. Indeed. Now i may not look like much but i am a picky mother fuckercand an asshole. why? lol Fuck you thats why . Confidence and Pussy on call. now sifting through the site learning the system .... Not trying to pay give up your credit card to an online business. Being a cheap ass mother fucker. whatever will only frustrate you and leave you to the trolls & lesser beasts up grade. step up your game man up and get gold ... Bitches love Gold. shows them you aint afraid to toss a little cash & that you are a Predator. Able to atleast be primal or smart enough to seek out the quality women want to be hunted. Alpha males get Alpha females s i have been getting girls Seekingg me out via other girls comments. Fucking 10+ bitches lining up. pay up man up and tear it up.
loanwolf2013 said
i find your sit to be nathing but fake. please cancel and delet my account as i have not meet one person yet . oh and i bet you dont show this message to everyone. sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sit.
cumeater1100 said dark black steet walker hookers late at night so I can eat thier soaked cunts...and last night picked one up...and she had a huge dark black cock...and made me jek it with both hands...until it shot a huge load....which made me stshoot
buckhead30 said
i love this site, nice looking mens on here
buckhead30 said
i join this site for one thing, looking for a man for sex are a woman.
Hi everyone i my a out going .love to live life & in joy it with people that like to do the same .im 6"1 200 ib handsome .up for a good time would love to hear from you . cock is at 7" clean also a nice guy to hang with.thank you for your time & in joy life crazy people:)
oxfordlady28 said
I had been a member of Swinger World on an off for four years with many encounters, when I spotted a handsome man in my area I'd never noticed before. I took the initiative and sent, for the first time, the initial email.He almost didn't show because he had also been in a similar situation on Swinger World for a long time and noone but fakes or men had ever emailed him straight off. Luckily we met, and two hours later after a wonderful few hours connecting, as his cock pushed into me, we locked eyes and realised we were the perfect fit for each other. We saw each other long distance for a few months, moved in 6 months later, he proposed a year after that (Oct 2012), and we're due to be married this year. Thank you Swinger World for providing a platform for me to meet a man who is made for me, emotionally, sexually & spiritually.
JackNJoe242 said
Swinger World has allowed us to contact twice as many couples than the other two adult swingers websites we also belong to. It is designed well and allows us to see more of their interests that help us know if we are compatible.
backdoorgirl101 said
Well I must say, I very much enjoy this site!! I had joined many many sites proir to joining the Social sex Network. I have sclosed all of my other accounts. I have ore responces than I could ever reallly get threw and meet them all. All but 2 members have been jsust great with me and my hubby! One of the things that I love about this site is the vast number of things offered. It is not only a log-on and read, respond, and then log off thill the nest day kind of place. There are many fun chat rooms as well as a great set up for IM. It is easy to find other members anywhereon the site. There are great cams, movies plus the bling maker etc... so much to do, I end up on here for about 3 hours a day. Thank you SSN, Backdoorgirl101
Mujeebniceali900 said
I'm sorry, I'm very grebe Kurdish If not, where will the money to me pylz
tevroc77 said
i met a old gay man and he dressed in lingerie with me
finddafriend13 said
Ok i know you pay commissions for women now I seen your success with that wonderful lady! Now I am getting a lot attention for my u know Master and women love it make you lots of money and me to as well k got some great ideas don't slip on this really getting some attention!!!!! HELLO.
bigchuckmskitty said
I had created and deleted several profiles over the years as I went through changes with my former spouse. MsKitty was a recent divorcee who actually found out about the site several years ago from a friend who wanted her to screen dates for him. Both of our situations changed last summer. I created a new profile for the 100th time after leaving my ex for the last time and she wanted something more than her friend could offer.

We were both looking for friendship and "fun" with an outgoing, educated professional. It was important to us to find someone who stimulated both our minds and our bodies; but understood the unique implied sexuality that we both needed to express.

I was an undecided standard member and she was a silver. I hotlisted her during my first week on Swinger World because she was one of the few African-American women who actually mentioned friendship. To my surprise she responded with a brief "hello" a few days later. We emailed several times before exchanging phone numbers. Then we chatted via phone and text for a few weeks before she eventually asked me to take her out.

Over those first few weeks, we had never talked about sex. Shocking for a "sex site" huh? But, we had talked about the power of a kiss several times. The night that we met for the first time we literally closed the restaurant where we decided to meet. We then spent another hour and a half in the restaurants parking lot in the car kissing as the rain cascaded around us.

I was confident that I wanted to explore a relationship before our face to face meeting but the kiss sealed the deal. She knew the moment we kissed that she wanted me in her life; and we have been together ever since.

Other sites talk about the "levels of compatibility" and additional non-since that isn't necessarily true. But our experience proves that you can meet the right person at any time and in any place if you are honest and willing to put in the time to see it through. Thanks Swinger World for helping me find the one who I have been looking for forever.

doubletroubleish said
We went out last night(1-5-13) to club encounters here in Phoenix AZ to meet up with a couple (wetoinphx)form Swinger World. We been talking for sometime and we all decided to meet up last night and had good conversation and hit it off so we ended up in the mirrored room it was a lot of fun. She was great and sexy at what she did to me and to my boyfriend. Her husband was also sexy and fun to fuck. They are a fun couple in the bed room, and out of the bed room. They were both sooo sexy and it was our first time playing with another couple off of Swinger World and at a swingers club, they made us feel right at home... Thanks again Swinger World and wetoinphx.
firebrick123 said
Was voted as a senior in high school as the student less likely to succeed in the yearbook and went to earn millions in construction and owning a golf course for 22 years
etterus1234 said
We got married at 18 & I moved in with her family. It was a farm 7 we were given the attick. I was eating wife out when sister came into room naked. I asked wife what do I do, she said fuck her & eat her out. She laid next to wife &began to suck her lips, Then I pushed face in her until I found her clit. I started licking & she came right away, I keep licking clit till she came a doz times in my mouth. I suck up all her vaginal juice, then put her pee tube in my mouth. She begain squirting until I drank her out, Then wife said I want to watch your cock go in & out.Wife laid on sister putting her mouth on her belly & when I was cumming she took my cock in her mouth & I came a big load. I continued fucking sister & sister was fucking my wifes face as I fucked sister, wet cunt. It went on all night till I could.nt cum anymore. Wife sat on my cock & sister sat on my face . I pushed my mouth in her fuck tube & drank juice as in fell out of her canal. This goes on every night till I drane both dry
lllwithuuu said
I spent a wonderful night with a wonderful guy. Turned out that we had mutual friends in college and we knew a little bit about each other. After realizing this while chatting we decided to get together. He drove 3 hours to get to my house. We laughed, we cried, we kissed, he massaged my back, we talked until the sun was up. We fell asleep with our bodies entwined together. It was really wonderful. As he left to return home, I was feeling so good about what had transpired. He had even commented that back during our college days he had thought that the guy I was dating was a very lucky guy. His profile says he doesn’t like one-night stands but that is what this turned out to be. My heart still melts at the thought of him and I can’t seem to get on to finding another guy because everything felt so great with him. He said that the distance was a problem for us. He doesn’t know how very much I would like to be with him. Maybe he will read this and realize that he misses me too. I just can’t stop thinking about that wonderful night and wishing for another.
istrijanx said
rm_Luvzemwet said
I didn't even get so much as a response from anyone! I honestly tried, I posted pictures... Made private pix, nothing but fake profiles sending me anything! Huge waste of money!
male4funandsex said
i did get good response in this site about 3 years back, now a days i am not able to hook any one thru Swinger World. I don't know why. I would want the team to analysis and make this site worth the money spent. 2012, i could not meet up any one thru this site. i want to send this so that Swinger World acts on it. i do not have any plans to renew my membership too. i have deleted my credit card details so that auto renewal does not happen
stager1 said
hot, sexy, and wife' lookingfor hot times with sexy people...I want real meets with real people.I like clean-cut women with good hygiene
pratap638 said
this site is a cheating site 90 percent profiles r cheating profiles iam looking for one nellore local aunty from past ten days no girl no aunty found
jaytall40633 said

rm_Ballgayboy said
i am looking for a guy or gay who wanna meet and have fun with me i am not clever and not intelligent please not lie to me
bigjohn194500067 said
i want to get fuck
meliness234 said
Where to start with our Swinger World experiences? I guess at the beginning would be the best place. Before ~Meliness234, all the parties, and before Penthouse owned Swinger World, when it was only The World’s Best Sex site rather than the World’s Best Sex AND Swingers Site!

Eight years ago she was WetWildandHot75 and I was Ohhhhhhhhyeaa. I was browsing through the PA/TriState chat room talking to friends when she suddenly popped in to the room. I sent her an IM and we began chatting. After chatting a few times in the chat room we decided to finally meet each other. She came to see the band play that weekend and we had an awesome erotic time. It was great to already know that we were 100% compatible sexually before we even met.

Soon after we changed our screen name to ~Meliness234 and began to really get into the Swinger World webcams along with taking and posting erotic pictures on the site. We also started to host the ~Meliness234 swinger’s parties together in the area and changed our name to be more identifiable. Huge Swingers Steelers Yacht Wedding party in Baltimore with all of our Sexy Swinger World friends! What a great time!

The lesson is to never give up on here! You never know when you’re going to get lucky! finally ‘popped’ into my life right here in a chat room! It’s so much more fun than on those ‘vanilla’ sites you see advertised all over the place.

vulcanclassic1 said
I have success storys i would share if i was still Gold. paid for the 18 month deal and was down graded at 12 months.
chamw0w said
I have been contacted many times. Of those contacts I have wasted hours of conversations. 90% of the contacts were Prostitutes. I hate this site.
azzzo70 said
[B] someone Atank in your back, this is normal, but to pay attention and find the people closest to you, this is a disaster *

* It is truly regrettable that are looking for honesty in an era of treason and looking for love in the hearts of the cemetery *

* My heart is like a mirror broken stricken from the smallest stone *

* If there is someone who loves you are a lucky man, if it is sincere in love you are more fortunate people *

* The most despicable people is the one that gives you back and you desperately need to grip his hand *

* There is nothing worse than a person asks for your name, which has long been Ikrnh always the word love *

* There is no doubt that you are the dumbest people if you're looking for love in the heart of Ilk *

* Treason sometimes be beautiful feeling if the person is the victim deserved *

* True love does not only end with the death of its owner and false love dies when live owner *

* Every traitor feigns to himself thousand excuse excuse to convince himself that he did the right thing *

* True love like the moon when it is full and Eclipse is an end when he plays treacherously *

* Kalzahrp love is beautiful and to meet the dew drops and treason are shoe repugnant to trample on rose Fashakha *

* O traitor .. If every love story ends treason became all the people like you *

* Feelings of love beautiful and fine feelings .. Love is life hearts dead *

* If you do not qualified to say a word I love it because her love sacrifice, patience and fatigue *

* Do not ask me for treason, I do not think there are words able to be described *

* If you love sincerely says to God and do not lose hope if you liar فارحل and talked about fate and destiny *

* Meet the rare coin and hearts are banks and there are few banks that deal with this type of currency *

* Sincere heart says I love you .. So I am ready to do anything for you *

* Please, convinced me of anything but treason because it is heartbreaking and tend life from the bowels of the Spirit *

* If you love honestly do not waver because cowardice is treason but different letters *

* Sincere love beautiful keep his memory forever, love false end to the last point in the bottom of the wound *

[/ B]
BrnSgr54 said
This was in the making for about 1 year, things just keet it from happing, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait, it was his first menage de trio, and DP, so don't give up if the intrest is their, keep the communication going, I promise it will cum to pass, I'm looking forward 2 our next sexual encounter. I am also in process to my first Cougar Lover, I'm craving young meat keep communication open I know this will happen soon, I get wet just thinking about it. I also have a network full of pospective lovers, good things cum 2 those who wait. Taking your time getting 2 know some one before U actually meet them is a plus, first impressions can be deceiving, don't settle for less, we know why we are all here, go for it, we are having great sex, lasting realationships , best of friends with benefits.
djbaonghi said
Need to find a friend who trusted emotional exchange
mandieloveshane2 said
we are a very happily married couple and comfortable with our sexuality. We only want to try new things and explore the bigger obsticales there are in the world of sex.
VSOP362 said
This site is total BS, the same women over and over from Swinger World! I want my money back now!!!!
mehruddin said
hi l see girl for mairge for full life . if you aigry plese call ya send my email . just i hold delhi .
i know alot of people will say good things about this site but to be honest about it this site is a piece of crap and ill explain to you why.....#1..the people on this site are immature, you have a bunch of grown adults acting like children and doing name calling like a bunch of immature kids.....#2....if you are a a guy and you are a newbie and you try to talk in the room you just get doesnt matter what you do or say or how nice you are you will get ignored, but if you are a girl and you are a newbie then everyone will go running to talk to you when you enter a chat room.....#3...girls on here ignore me when i say hello to them and i try to be nice to them but yet they will respond to me when i start being mean and they do some stupid copy and post crap in the room..well why not respond to me when im being nice, why only respond when i start being mean?....#4...the guys on this site are a bunch of brown nosing butt kissers who will agree with anything girls say just so she will help him cum!
mjg_amethyst said
snail74415 said
Success how can that be when you do not recieve any Rmail and you get no response when you send Emails. Ihave been apaying member for months and have recieved no emails and Ihave sent a number of emails and never a response. Well lets just cancle this you want my money but give no service. You say that my settings are wrong and when I try you got a lot of mumbo jumbo that dont work
cachando75 said
Hi baby I'man 160 pn. 5.8 ft. 7In.long im love sexy grail my cook shave an holds smuts an clean im upto new experience group s laid all game s
Jabiiba4 said
Sexy woman faat
sahilkhanforreal said
I was looking for hard core fun, got really fustrated with the fakes and money takers, Suddenly I got a message from a couple, they were so honest and simple i was delighted after meeting them, It was a life time experience for me, love to meet them again
SleeplessInAz said
This may sound strange, or a bit premature for a success story. I recently moved to Arizona from Reno, NV., and have never needed the assistance of a dating site until I arrived in Willcox, population 7, 000. After 2 months of one scam dating site after another, I signed up for Swinger World. I had thought it was for couples only. Last night I returned an email to a breath takingly beutiful woman, and knew from the first time I saw her picture, that this was going to be my first date since moving. Tonight I checked my emails and there she was, with a nice message inquiring about going out this weekend. I then went to read her profile more closely, and she had taken it off the sight. I wasn't disappointed or felt like it was another scam to get you to sign up for another site. I'm sure that my search is over, I've found a friend, and the woman I'll soon be dating. I Will report back with "part two", after our first with hopefully good news. Thanks, "Swinger World"! "SleeplessInAz" Todd
badboywoof said

mr_samir353 said
I noticed him in my local chartroom here on this site. We were both looking for fun only, but it grew into something more special as time went by. Turns out we really wanted the same things out of life. We are now engaged, very happy and still in the lifestyle. The big day is in December, four years from the day we met. Anyway thank all the people who interviewed in this site and lighted apologize to them if he got Mona Any unintentional mis Thank you. Mr. Samir

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