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etterus1234 said
We got married at 18 & I moved in with her family. It was a farm 7 we were given the attick. I was eating wife out when sister came into room naked. I asked wife what do I do, she said fuck her & eat her out. She laid next to wife &began to suck her lips, Then I pushed face in her until I found her clit. I started licking & she came right away, I keep licking clit till she came a doz times in my mouth. I suck up all her vaginal juice, then put her pee tube in my mouth. She begain squirting until I drank her out, Then wife said I want to watch your cock go in & out.Wife laid on sister putting her mouth on her belly & when I was cumming she took my cock in her mouth & I came a big load. I continued fucking sister & sister was fucking my wifes face as I fucked sister, wet cunt. It went on all night till I could.nt cum anymore. Wife sat on my cock & sister sat on my face . I pushed my mouth in her fuck tube & drank juice as in fell out of her canal. This goes on every night till I drane both dry
lllwithuuu said
I spent a wonderful night with a wonderful guy. Turned out that we had mutual friends in college and we knew a little bit about each other. After realizing this while chatting we decided to get together. He drove 3 hours to get to my house. We laughed, we cried, we kissed, he massaged my back, we talked until the sun was up. We fell asleep with our bodies entwined together. It was really wonderful. As he left to return home, I was feeling so good about what had transpired. He had even commented that back during our college days he had thought that the guy I was dating was a very lucky guy. His profile says he doesn’t like one-night stands but that is what this turned out to be. My heart still melts at the thought of him and I can’t seem to get on to finding another guy because everything felt so great with him. He said that the distance was a problem for us. He doesn’t know how very much I would like to be with him. Maybe he will read this and realize that he misses me too. I just can’t stop thinking about that wonderful night and wishing for another.
istrijanx said
Luvzemwet said
I didn't even get so much as a response from anyone! I honestly tried, I posted pictures... Made private pix, nothing but fake profiles sending me anything! Huge waste of money!
male4funandsex said
i did get good response in this site about 3 years back, now a days i am not able to hook any one thru Swinger World. I don't know why. I would want the team to analysis and make this site worth the money spent. 2012, i could not meet up any one thru this site. i want to send this so that Swinger World acts on it. i do not have any plans to renew my membership too. i have deleted my credit card details so that auto renewal does not happen
stager1 said
hot, sexy, and wife' lookingfor hot times with sexy people...I want real meets with real people.I like clean-cut women with good hygiene
pratap638 said
this site is a cheating site 90 percent profiles r cheating profiles iam looking for one nellore local aunty from past ten days no girl no aunty found
jaytall40633 said

Ballgayboy said
i am looking for a guy or gay who wanna meet and have fun with me i am not clever and not intelligent please not lie to me
bigjohn194500067 said
i want to get fuck
meliness234 said
Where to start with our Swinger World experiences? I guess at the beginning would be the best place. Before ~Meliness234, all the parties, and before Penthouse owned Swinger World, when it was only The World’s Best Sex site rather than the World’s Best Sex AND Swingers Site!

Eight years ago she was WetWildandHot75 and I was Ohhhhhhhhyeaa. I was browsing through the PA/TriState chat room talking to friends when she suddenly popped in to the room. I sent her an IM and we began chatting. After chatting a few times in the chat room we decided to finally meet each other. She came to see the band play that weekend and we had an awesome erotic time. It was great to already know that we were 100% compatible sexually before we even met.

Soon after we changed our screen name to ~Meliness234 and began to really get into the Swinger World webcams along with taking and posting erotic pictures on the site. We also started to host the ~Meliness234 swinger’s parties together in the area and changed our name to be more identifiable. Huge Swingers Steelers Yacht Wedding party in Baltimore with all of our Sexy Swinger World friends! What a great time!

The lesson is to never give up on here! You never know when you’re going to get lucky! finally ‘popped’ into my life right here in a chat room! It’s so much more fun than on those ‘vanilla’ sites you see advertised all over the place.

vulcanclassic1 said
I have success storys i would share if i was still Gold. paid for the 18 month deal and was down graded at 12 months.
chamw0w said
I have been contacted many times. Of those contacts I have wasted hours of conversations. 90% of the contacts were Prostitutes. I hate this site.
azzzo70 said
[B] someone Atank in your back, this is normal, but to pay attention and find the people closest to you, this is a disaster *

* It is truly regrettable that are looking for honesty in an era of treason and looking for love in the hearts of the cemetery *

* My heart is like a mirror broken stricken from the smallest stone *

* If there is someone who loves you are a lucky man, if it is sincere in love you are more fortunate people *

* The most despicable people is the one that gives you back and you desperately need to grip his hand *

* There is nothing worse than a person asks for your name, which has long been Ikrnh always the word love *

* There is no doubt that you are the dumbest people if you're looking for love in the heart of Ilk *

* Treason sometimes be beautiful feeling if the person is the victim deserved *

* True love does not only end with the death of its owner and false love dies when live owner *

* Every traitor feigns to himself thousand excuse excuse to convince himself that he did the right thing *

* True love like the moon when it is full and Eclipse is an end when he plays treacherously *

* Kalzahrp love is beautiful and to meet the dew drops and treason are shoe repugnant to trample on rose Fashakha *

* O traitor .. If every love story ends treason became all the people like you *

* Feelings of love beautiful and fine feelings .. Love is life hearts dead *

* If you do not qualified to say a word I love it because her love sacrifice, patience and fatigue *

* Do not ask me for treason, I do not think there are words able to be described *

* If you love sincerely says to God and do not lose hope if you liar فارحل and talked about fate and destiny *

* Meet the rare coin and hearts are banks and there are few banks that deal with this type of currency *

* Sincere heart says I love you .. So I am ready to do anything for you *

* Please, convinced me of anything but treason because it is heartbreaking and tend life from the bowels of the Spirit *

* If you love honestly do not waver because cowardice is treason but different letters *

* Sincere love beautiful keep his memory forever, love false end to the last point in the bottom of the wound *

[/ B]
BrnSgr54 said
This was in the making for about 1 year, things just keet it from happing, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait, it was his first menage de trio, and DP, so don't give up if the intrest is their, keep the communication going, I promise it will cum to pass, I'm looking forward 2 our next sexual encounter. I am also in process to my first Cougar Lover, I'm craving young meat keep communication open I know this will happen soon, I get wet just thinking about it. I also have a network full of pospective lovers, good things cum 2 those who wait. Taking your time getting 2 know some one before U actually meet them is a plus, first impressions can be deceiving, don't settle for less, we know why we are all here, go for it, we are having great sex, lasting realationships , best of friends with benefits.
djbaonghi said
Need to find a friend who trusted emotional exchange
mandieloveshane2 said
we are a very happily married couple and comfortable with our sexuality. We only want to try new things and explore the bigger obsticales there are in the world of sex.
VSOP362 said
This site is total BS, the same women over and over from Swinger World! I want my money back now!!!!
mehruddin said
hi l see girl for mairge for full life . if you aigry plese call ya send my email . just i hold delhi .
i know alot of people will say good things about this site but to be honest about it this site is a piece of crap and ill explain to you why.....#1..the people on this site are immature, you have a bunch of grown adults acting like children and doing name calling like a bunch of immature kids.....#2....if you are a a guy and you are a newbie and you try to talk in the room you just get doesnt matter what you do or say or how nice you are you will get ignored, but if you are a girl and you are a newbie then everyone will go running to talk to you when you enter a chat room.....#3...girls on here ignore me when i say hello to them and i try to be nice to them but yet they will respond to me when i start being mean and they do some stupid copy and post crap in the room..well why not respond to me when im being nice, why only respond when i start being mean?....#4...the guys on this site are a bunch of brown nosing butt kissers who will agree with anything girls say just so she will help him cum!
mjg_amethyst said
snail74415 said
Success how can that be when you do not recieve any Rmail and you get no response when you send Emails. Ihave been apaying member for months and have recieved no emails and Ihave sent a number of emails and never a response. Well lets just cancle this you want my money but give no service. You say that my settings are wrong and when I try you got a lot of mumbo jumbo that dont work
cachando75 said
Hi baby I'man 160 pn. 5.8 ft. 7In.long im love sexy grail my cook shave an holds smuts an clean im upto new experience group s laid all game s
Jabiiba4 said
Sexy woman faat
sahilkhanforreal said
I was looking for hard core fun, got really fustrated with the fakes and money takers, Suddenly I got a message from a couple, they were so honest and simple i was delighted after meeting them, It was a life time experience for me, love to meet them again
SleeplessInAz said
This may sound strange, or a bit premature for a success story. I recently moved to Arizona from Reno, NV., and have never needed the assistance of a dating site until I arrived in Willcox, population 7, 000. After 2 months of one scam dating site after another, I signed up for Swinger World. I had thought it was for couples only. Last night I returned an email to a breath takingly beutiful woman, and knew from the first time I saw her picture, that this was going to be my first date since moving. Tonight I checked my emails and there she was, with a nice message inquiring about going out this weekend. I then went to read her profile more closely, and she had taken it off the sight. I wasn't disappointed or felt like it was another scam to get you to sign up for another site. I'm sure that my search is over, I've found a friend, and the woman I'll soon be dating. I Will report back with "part two", after our first with hopefully good news. Thanks, "Swinger World"! "SleeplessInAz" Todd
badboywoof said

mr_samir353 said
I noticed him in my local chartroom here on this site. We were both looking for fun only, but it grew into something more special as time went by. Turns out we really wanted the same things out of life. We are now engaged, very happy and still in the lifestyle. The big day is in December, four years from the day we met. Anyway thank all the people who interviewed in this site and lighted apologize to them if he got Mona Any unintentional mis Thank you. Mr. Samir
Sexy_SandraD said
I came here looking for casual sex, and I found it. I later wanted a fuck buddy, and I found that too. Eventually I found love even though I was not searching for it. I think a person can find whatever they are looking for on this site.
gunawardena111 said
i am i free. i need find beautiful girl or women.
gunawardena111 said
i am i free. i need find beautiful girl or women.after i update this
woky06 said
i'm simple.. i just need girl
CHI2281 said
We were out of ticket concert in May 1995, sadly we were told to wait in a car by friends who pick us at home. He were my neighbour in ASSALAM, he ask me to bring my GF best friend. She has the perfect shape for men at our highschool. I was 8 years old because I raise in a intelegent family until now, she was 15. It is kind a hard to have guts to ask her, so I date my GF, then we talk about it. She said yes because she is busy for school jobs. We we out from the club because I am the only one holding the last ticket and she is not. We bumb at my neighbour car, first I slept at front seat. When I saw that good shape of my heart I get hard. She sleep in the passanger seat like most do with her eyes on the seat. Boy I can handle my self when I look that bottom.

I encourage myself then I slept behind her with saying I am sorry, she replies it is ok. I stick my bro to he bud, and it feels good for 15 minutes. The she turns to me, then I hug her for 5 minutes. Someone calling from outside, I can hear it because the windows are open abot 4 mm. My neighbour said hey are you ok, she asked me to replied yes. I said, ok.. Then he's going back to the concert.When I try to stand while I am hugging her. Automactickly she is sleeping below me, when I hug her from top. I can feel her pussy from my dick. I still enjoy the hugging one, some cops check on us. He is now Indonesian M 26 comandant. I stand (like push up), the he nod with walking. I hug again, this thime my dick errect. She wear G-string, it was 1995. And then we did it, after the course we felt amazed. I ask her to check the concer. Because I have the ticket, when we arrive I could not breath when it is time to left her alone. She said it is ok. I still could not stop thinking, then I slip the ticket into my wallet. We went back to the car waits until the concert over. My neighbour comes out at 200 hours on May 25 1995 from that club. She sleep tight at the back, I ask my friend to drive slowly. 230 AM we reach her house, at 250 AM my friend take a piss in side of highway. Someone's comming back, he open the door. While I am sleeping beneath the window, Automact the door wasn't fully closed. When I down from the car, some one came to shot my head. But I suceed to lower his gun. Now I am LTC ???
s123as said
woodyrough said
BBC4BBcouple said
We joined in the hopes of being able to find enough well endowed black men who would be willing to be part of a blowbang for my wife. I enjoy watching my wife as much as she enjoys the men, so it is a win/win situation. We stumbled upon a group of black men that all make themselves available to women who want either a blowbang or a gangbang. The moderator pulled together my wife's first blowbang in less than 24 hours! There were around 7 men who were all very respectful and understood their role as a pawn for my wife's enjoyment and pleasure. They were not pushy and were all well built and well endowed. We now meet with these men on a regular basis and they consistently carry out the fantasy for whatever pleasure the woman is seeking. Thanks to Swinger World we met this group and now have the means for a well controlled situation making it possible for both of our enjoyment.
trinhdinhkhu said
bob_rastaman2 said
can I just want to be your friend? ... because, I wanted to share a story about sex ... orgy ... lesbian and bisexual threesome ...:)
nika7217310544 said
My best friend Kelly asked me if I'd like to go shopping after work. I arrived at her house around 6 pm, right on time. I knocked on the door a few times, when there was no answer I went on in. The stereo was on so I figured she was around somewhere. I walked back to her room to see if she was almost ready, then I heard the shower running. It was becoming quite the routine, it seemed whenever I showed up at her house she would be in the shower. In the past I would knock on the door and let her know I was there, and she'd tell me to come on in and talk with her while she finnished up. I'd sit on the vanity and wait patiently. She loved to prance around nude in front of me. I had never thought of myself being intimate with another woman until the shower scenes started.I'd find myself mesmerized as she bathed herself in front of me. The bathroom door was open so I stepped in to let her know I was there.She had a couple wine coolers sitting on the vanity and instead of the light being on there were candles lit glowing dimly in the steam. She stepped out of the running shower, walked over and picked up a wine cooler and took a sip. She took my hand in hers and led me over to the vanity as she lifted her drink to my lips. I sipped what I could as it came pouring out, most of it trickling down my chin soaking my shirt. She leaned in and began to lick the droplets of wine from my neck, her fingers were busy undoing the front of my shirt. My fingers were trembling as I wrapped them through her long dark silky hair. She slipped my shirt off my shoulders as she traced her tongue down my cleavage licking up the last droplets of wine. She began nibbling my breasts through my bra, running her tongue gently under the lace at the top tracing the outer edges could feel her tongue send shivers through me as she ran it along the straps taking one at a time between her teeth pulling them down, she unfastened the hook in the front and set my swollen breasts free. Using her fingertips, she began to squeeze and tug on my nipples as she ran the tip of her tongue across one, then the other. My head was spinning from the sensations my body was experiencing for the first time. I could feel my pussy getting wet and my clit was twitching with desire.She slipped my skirt up to my waist and slid my panties down off my ankles. As she lifted my feet one at a time to step out of them she ran her tongue between my toes and began sucking on them. I was moaning with sheer delight, unable to resist I slid my hand down over my swollen pussy lips, running my delicate fingertips up and down each side, they were coated in my juices as I began to swirl them over my rock hard clit. She kept licking and sucking on my toes as she watched me play with my clit, she then told me she
dfm1020 said
This site keeps freezing up. It sucks.
dfm1020 said
This site Freezes up unlike Alt., BDSM, or froze again
dfm1020 said
this site keep s freezing up!!
wpaige615 said
I am a retired grandmother. Retired from American Airlines w/free air travel for life. I currently reside in the house my father built when I was 20 years old. Lived in Los Angeles for 30 years. After my Dad died, came home. I am a Christian woman who lived life to the fullest before I found the Lord. I love life.
honeykin1 said
i am single man.after i am looking for sex i find here good partner.and many other friend and sex buddy.i enjoy sex.always want sex.older man or older woman turn me on.i love big dick to suck and the same time fuck pussy.i love it.i find everything thank u Swinger World.
cigiedo said
wn i was a child i watched amovie forgot de title [abt amamaid] in the particular one on the ship a little boy fel in2 de waters after seein a little girl in2 de waters he was rashed out by the elders after sometyme as un adult he cameback in the place after a msunderstanding with cureent hottie by then on the boat he messed up nd fell ito the waters knocked by the boat nd reacued by the same hotie some years ago wn i grew up watched alot of romantic love stories nd erotic ones so i become adicted 2 the white colour bse ov there loving understanding nd everyhting abt them i so uniqe till then i am searching 4 a white lady 2 love
sweetloving2022 said
WOW i dont know what to say but all i have to say is i found a wonderful man here called william and we are madly in love with each other and going to get married next month..ADULT FRIEND FINDER, i thank you so much you have made my dreams come true..I love ya all..Kisses and hugs..Nene
budderman2 said
I have had no success with your service. You have ceased showing any profiles in my area which I know is limited but matches which are hundreds of miles away are useless because there is no way to get to know these guys and none are going to relocate unless they have had major exposure to the other guy. I NEED LOCALS IF ANY EXIST
Sultrylady1960 said
I joined Swinger World as Unduplicated1 after I lost my husband a couple of years ago. I met my fiance, also a widower, on Swinger World in August. We both joined a sex site because we were looking for a long-term relationship with someone who is highly sexed. We just became engaged to be married on September 28, 2012, on my 66th birthday. Who would have thought that someone my age would find true love on a sex site? I am so happy to have joined and persevered on Swinger World. It really paid off big time. If it happened to me, it could also happen to you!
calookeng said
I want to take full Kunming to see this.
mihalceavalerian said
are a person who loves sex, I like to try as many adventures, if you want to try it with me. I really like this woman and mother written on this site, and let your pup to learn new experiences will kiss and wait to join me

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