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libbie7 said
I saw the most beautiful guy on here on Mar 5, 2011 and one look at his eyes and I was done. TelltheSpartan is the only guy on here that I ever wrote to first and I called him just about a week later and when I heard his voice, I had the same feeling as I did when I saw his eyes. I had just left a 22+ year marriage, but after hearing his voice for the first time, I felt more connected with him than I ever had felt for my husband of 22 years. We had a long distance relationship up until about 3 months ago and now he's living with me and things are better than ever -- we love each other and the sex is better than it ever was. He is wonderful with my four kids and helps me take care of them. We've only had one big issue in the 17 months. I was faithful from the moment I heard his voice, but I found out 3 weeks ago that he had been meeting another woman for NSA sex before and throughout most of our relationship. I'm still staying with him because I really love him, but it's been unbelievably painful for me to find out he cheated on me behind my back. I have this site to thank for finding him, though, because I never would have otherwise. He lived over 2 hrs away from me and I just happened to be online at the same time he was one night. I consider it fate.
Insureone said
I met a great girl yesterday, we went to dinner and had so much in common. The night went by to fast, i realy had a blast. I hope the same for my next date. We were both way over due for some great sex. Thanks Adult finder. Im ready to make another womans day as pleasurable.
droogie0517 said
I have always loved great sex and have been lucky enough to have had some incredible experiences so far. Some of my faves-1st sex at 12 with a 14 year old girl. Sex with 3 different sisters, together. Sex with 7 women at my dorm at Marquette on a certain day.

I love sex in daring places-a dressing room, a few times in bar bathrooms, outside in plain sight, down on the beach, in planes several times, in a car many times, outside all the time, anywhere-but my home is tough to beat. I love going down on a woman and can make her squirt wildly.Love 1 0n 1 sex, the best, love anal, oral, 69, many, many positions. I can fuck forever. My record in one day, is 22 and 21 times, with 2 different women-I'm probably down to 5-6 times, now.

It would be very nice to meet a woman on this site that would be my soul mate, not a must, but that would be cool. I am fun, warm, kind, a great chef, smart, love music, movies, travelling-been around the world, France about 10 times, and Italy, I'm half Italian, and live in a house surrounded by thousands of trees-so running around naked is the norm.

I have always been very successful at everything I've done, from the Thoroughbred horse business, owning a top restaurant, selling Art Nouveau and Art Deco posters (1830 to 1920), which I still do, and currently being President of a top Executive Search Firm for several years.

I am very horny all the time, and would like to meet the same. I will go down on you for hours, darling.Once we've met, I promise you will cum back.

Fondly, Doug
purrinredmond said
I am recently divorced, only been a year and wanted to fill that void of being alone. I joined your site a few months ago and was excited to get on line and check to see if I had anybody interested. I have gotten a few emails and flirts and found one particular email of interest. So I took a chance and decided to take a chance. We went out and had a fabulous time and will see each other again. Thanks Adult Friend Finder for giving me back some of my self esteem and the ability to reenter the dating world with a success.
clitlice said
i need a woman in my life
butch_the_man said
I do not like this sight:seniorsizzel! Keeps asking me to sign up and log in after I have done this! I go round and round having pages pop up asking the same questions again and again! Friender needs to upgrade their sight in a better way! MY money is lost because of this!
swartberg said
if a women is intelligent her prescense becomes radiant i want to meet a woman that rocks my world. she must believe in matriarchy and be creative in her searsh for meaning. if not the above and i feel sexual and emotional longing i have perfected masturbation.
sidny777 said
like to get high <meth> alway like to chat n like do wat tell loney n dnt know much abt internet cos too high n naked
salman33333 said
hey everyone how are you i am salman my interests beautiful girls and women i like love and sex i am single man i want to beautiful girls
Ready62532 said
It took me 6moths on this siteto fianally get the best fucking I ever had
In10city2012 said
Just wanted to say thank you. I met the man of my dreams on this site and we have been married now for 4 1/2 years. Again Thank you for helping in bringing us together
j_mcloud said
I met this little pinoy girl on instant chat on Swinger World she was 25 I am 43 so we went for a drive as I had to pick up a parcel from a friend I was a like two hour drive when she arrived I was amassed in tight shorts and a reviling top Made me hard as I was driving but we talked and went on our way it was a Monday night and so traffic But we were able to talk and she was so nice pleasant when we got to friends hotel she came in and we met him when I was away talking to him he said she is so hot tight little body and nice ass very petite . So I got the parcel and we were on our way she was very close and cuddly with me in the car we decided to go for dinner so I went to a Italian place and we chatted and ate then we went for a walk in the garden of the mall we sat a secluded place and she cuddled up next to me and we kissed and cuddled until it started to rain so we moved to the car when I got in the car I could see her nipples where up and she was wanting to kiss some more I was so hot she was gasping for me so the kisses got to the stages that our tongue s where dancing in our mouth I was playing with her nipples and soon she undid her bra to revile the most succulent hard nipples for me to enjoy I went for one and she gasped when my tongue made contact she said we have to stop as the guard was getting close an might see she let over and said you like to go to the hotel I looked at the clock and it was ok time so I said lets go . I could not believe it I was going to the hotel with this hot little thing so we got in the hotel and when I was at the desk I asked for condoms for later we went up to the room and started to kiss and undress when I got to see her tight little body reedy for me to invade with my cock it made me so hot I started licking her nipples she was mooning and saying I want you inside me so I thought I will just take it slow and enjoy her so I licked her down to her pussy and then she was grasping my cock saying I want it now I was so temped to give in to her but I decided to lick her and taste her she you so nice looking on her body then back until she came and came she was so hot she was so hot she said I want you now inside me I just was so amassed I got the condom and was about to open it and she was sucking my cock and she said I’m safe so I want you I want your juice inside me now I was thinking wow so condom went on the floor and my cock went inside her smoking pussy she climaxed on the first
hamptonroads1983 said
We've been with Swinger World off and on for over 8 years now and I can say that I have found several amazing birthday presents from this site, not to mention all the fun we've had in between. This site is amazing! Thanks for making all my birthday wishes come true.
BANBARA129 said
i like you i wont sak your ban
9003457095 said
once me and my uncles doughter went on bike she use to play on my body sudenly i lost the control and both felt down and later we use to wash our body near the stream where there is no one up to the site slowly i went nearer and touch here back by cleaning and slowly i play with my toung he realised and cooperated me and turned and showeed her booms which is very tight because she is village girl in india especially south indians girls are very storng so i enjoyed a lot and i tasted here pussy and it was os pasty i nere had such a taste till iam in surch for itand then she suck my cock and showed her pussy abnd i put it there and we enjoyed for an wile and we contined till whenever we got opertunity
zafarpak202 said
A SUCCESFU AND SOCIALMEMBEROF SOCIETY I was a son of big landlord my parent never cared about and we were handed over to our caretaker serventswho were responsible for our broughtup.When i was of 16 yrs i found myself involved in museterbatio and ass fuking and i was satisfied with my routinof life.Fortunatly my cousin arrived from London and he obseving my activities stopped me doing the nonses things and asked to fallow his instruction. He in thfallowing night arrange a womanand call her in our room than he adwised us to be naked isaw a naked woman first time and my penis errected like any thing . He than asked the woman tocome in doggy poisition and he shown me the pussy hole and asked me to penetrate the penis .I entered the inside her and ejoyed very much further he gave me training for all other position and we both fuked the woman again and again and sice that day iam after the woman.A couple of year passed imarried avery beautiful intellegent and loving woman we were passing agood married life.Than we joined a social club and use to take part inall social actvities. One day my wife looking inclination towards pornography asked me for an adventure and said we target beautiful womaan brin the at our home and you willfuck them and iwill make their vdio.Do strte to increase friendship with woman club member and invited at home for dinner and drink .The woman accepted and came to ourhome .After dinner we started drinking and she become so uncocious that she remove he blouse than my wife aske to go for fuking.Iput her on the table removed all the restclothing stated fuking with legs on myshoulder she she embased me baadly and enjoyed like any thing sonnshe relaxed and went to sleep we nput her onthe bed WE both starte underjob my wife suckin and ilicking her pussy> she again came to senses and and demande ffor send time istarte second timewith her and my wife started making vidio and we went to sleep.WE this type of adventure with atleast tirty woman but non of the woman make any complant to any corner nor they snatched ties with us > mysrlf noted theywere all hungry of cock.But now ifeel guiltyand we have decided to stop this on arrivak of kid zafarpak
sameer1703 said
i me to sexy picture fome to me plz.....
dukeman1956 said
I have a beautiful size #2, Girlfriend, which I had posted her picture, and another Girl who resembles "Lonni Anderson", w/ size 39DD Breasts, but I have not had any success with any of your depicted Women, Do you know what is bigger then Bull-----? Camel-----, and that is what this is.
PrinceBachelor said
Hey there Swinger World. I have had success more than once.However, there should probably be a monitor in some situations on this site. I hate the idea of adults being supervised, but some adults need a check every now and then. The Idea of the net , sometimes allows them to forget that they are adults. Something cordial , subtle and respectful would be appreciated.
hassan5224 said
I am from Iraq and Iraq lead service in Hala, how to participate in your satellite I'm deprived of promotion with members to find toaem my soul I am optimistic that I will find your Moon solve my success is putting up my problem before members as possible to understand what I suffer from your successful releases from this fee for managed altarka with others hope in you and thank
zafarpak202 said
I studing in first year when vaccation iwent to Khanpur aplac where my faamily lived . My family kived in abig governmeimt clony . after few days sta incoloney i ma one girl friendand use to talk with her at varrious subjects. On day at noon in very hot summer she phone me and call immediatly tellingtha she had veryastonishin which can be seen just now so i rushe d went inside her romm she shown me rally a mavallous seen .WE saw through their window that her neighbour husband wife wereat job in aposition of doggy i really astonishe that they did not care about curtain etcetra but the were really love making in their ownstyle iwas so excited that iput my hand insigirls shirt andstirred her bob she blushed than i took a long kiss and told you will also get same experience tommarrow you should be available in bath in the noon when iwll come through window.The next iwent she was availble there iopened my jip put off her cloth brought her in dogy posion and enterd penis i startted pumping iwas rally enjoying as it was my first experienceand we ejaclated than iembaced her kissed and returned back home.Soon she stole codonms from heer mother almirah and use to come in my room in noontime inmy house and we did in all positon.SOON my vaccation finished and i came back to my city for eduation completion. But when iwas in final year igot a message that she had joined woman collegein my own city and wants to see me iwent to college met with her in their small visiting room in presence of a woman peon and she demanded for sucking ifirst some mony to the peon tobring tea and open jip gave in mouth she and i myself enjoyed alot till the peon brought tea. The peon was an experienced woman she offered us a coplete meeting when vaccation starts students starrt leaving colleg and asked me to come in eveningon that particular day so i went accordinly fixed time and ther was evey accodrin to our and college building almoest vacant and wejoyed atleast two hours than departed iwent my home and she went to karachi his home.After that we coulnot meet my result was announced and i had to join wapda so icame to lahoreand and went abroad she went backkhi and thisour last mting freverzafarpak
sweetea69 said
All I can say is WOW!! I have had the most unbelievable fun on Swinger World I am a standard member but I have met some really cool people here. The sexual experiences I have had here with guys and girls would make an awesome steamy book. I have satisfied all my sexual fantasies at least once because of this site. I continue to enjoy some of the best sex ever with the people I meet on Swinger World at my own pace. No more worries about some creep following me from the club if I don't like what I see or read I simply hit delete. When I do like what I see we email and chat until I'm ready to take it to the next level. I like the sexual freedom I get to express with the discretion that is required for me. Thanks Swinger World

sexmexxxme said
Success, are you serious??? I have not meet 1 genuine female on this website, and got charged an extra month's membership, even though I said that I do not want to renew my membership!!! I know that this will probably. Ever see the light of day, that's fine, as I will express my disgust in other ways!!!
judithL444 said
although it may be bad I met a guy on here from my small town. Both of us were needing the same thing and we have been "seeing" one another for the past 5 months. Thanks Swinger World
black_bird2030 said
I think it all steams from just being your self, ,, no games, or such as that, ,, and above all be truthfull don't start off with a lie, it allways catches you. yes I meet someone here and he was my life we were to be married May the 15th, 2012, ,but he was in a bad wreck and now is in acoma, but if it hadn't of been for Swinger World, I would never of meet him, I still love him and I guess I allways will, he was just himself also, but he made me laugh, we was so happy, but that is enought of that, ,I am just me and what you see you get, ,I don't lie to anyone on here, but just now all I want is a friend nothing more... And that is me...
summerzecret30f said
sex shows live
ambala07 said
i just love to have sex with girls have nice fig and big boobs
raghav459 said
I had more fun with sex by fucking just 18yr old sexy solid girl..... her ash was bleeding as i fucked her so hard...
d1screet4fun said
hi, there....

i was on this site from very long time.. can say years.... have come across through many profiles... but lot of them where fake, but met a very few real genuine profiles....

met single females...and couples... really had a good time with them....

but i feel this site can have more filtering methods, which can reduce the fakes.....

anyays... i wish everyone al the best on their search... and fall for the fakes...

have a good one guys..

baggies02 said
My succsess story sucks. And plan to post and blog about it big time. I signed up and all i got was (after paying) a bunch of stuff from hundeds of miles away. the site is bull.They should have tailored it to local. They did not.I am not happy.
Futureproof2012 said
I can't find a way to contact you. I have sent several emails, yet it says that I have not sent any. What gives??? If I don't hear from you soon I will delete my account.
newbie709746995 said
i m very hot
linkswichser said
I don't really have a success story. Just the opposite. I think your website does not work for me and I have been on several similar ones without a problem, For instance, when I receive a notification on my email account and click onto the name of the member shown as having an interest, sent a flirt or a message, I see a page that shows (today) 13 views....22 flirts....3 Hotlisted..... and 10 matching views. However when I click on one of those categories all that comes up is "lustfulness42 70 F"

Going to MY STUFF, the results are similar, but never show all the numbers show, e.g. 10 Matching views, for instance.

One notable exception is "Activities" it shows "needtileover" 19 (yes, nineteen)times.

Unless you can come up with a solution, such as a walk-through provided to me, I simple want a refund of my membership fee.

I trust I will hear from you.
tyagianirudh said
i m sex full
cpl4cplpk said
Now I am Sharing our first date and meetup story, this is about three some sex, he is a good man have a nice body and personality, we decide date and location on phone, when we reach on room, my Pakistani shy wife ignore the had sex with another man, But I know she want another man, when he touch the hands her body then she start some horny, he understand her type, but this was our first meetup, he understand situation, he leave her and more sex 2nd meetup,
disabled_fucker said
Oh, I got fucked all right! Except it was by Adult Friend Finder.
Abe0003 said
I want a free profile, reply to a letter to all my friends in the sites on this list, please reply
davidsin2012 said
hi...girls! i'm looking for a girl(married/single) like to sex and special know how to sucking and good in sex.For me, any girls can be sex to me, if u need it/u want it/bcos i like sex verymuch and i also looking for a girls who realy know how to enjoy sex, sucking(massage/romantic).Oh one think is i don like (pepe) didn't clearout..bcos i like to lip also.Ok if u want to more about me just cal me and sms.Come..come..make u happy2.
justwanaplay4now said
I have been on and off Swinger World for about 6 years and I have met some really fun people! It is best when you are a member as you can read the profiles and see the photos............really enjoy Swinger World it has and is loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
angelnhigh1 said
Hi Swinger World! We are on here as a couple now looking for new friends to share, but before that we were both just singles looking for some fun people on Swinger World! We had both had quite a bit of success on here and having a great time. One day I saw a profile who's description piqued my curiosity. There were no pictures but the way the profile was written, I wanted to say hi. Mind you that she was not in the age group I was looking at nor was I in hers.

We were SUPPOSED to just be a booty call for each other but after we started chatting and hooked up a couple times, we realized there was something here that was much much deeper than just sex.

Well that was back in April 2006 and now here we are in 2012. We have been married for almost 2 years now and she is exactly the lady I've waited all my life to meet. Thank you so much Swinger World for making it possible for two like minds and like passions to meet and now we're looking to share our passions with others...thank you!
easys_lady said
I met my best friend and partner in the sauna in 2004, we're now happily married since 2005 and life couldn't get any better than this, go on, give it a try. If you never never know!!
2Hot_4u_2c said
We would like to (finally) thank your staff. The wife and I met on ALT/Swinger World back in 2002. Everyone wondered if two Doms would ever be able to get along without killing each other, but things have worked out Great! We married about a year ago and now have a wonderful family. The first communications between us are the stuff great movie plots are made of. Quite amusing in the beginning. Wish we could pull up our old profiles and emails. It would almost be like finding a box of old home movies. Thanks again Friend Finder! Wolf and Elora
makattack303 said
Well I might be sucessful if my instant messenger would work. However, it will not allow me to message people back. Thanks for the help.
cugreatr said
Ive been on Swinger World for around 3 months, ive had 445 profile views, made 4 hookups, got laid 4 times, no site on the web can hold a light to Swinger World. real members, real messages, just real adult matchmaking, if your looking for real sex its here on Swinger World, if you dont get what your looking for on Swinger World then youre not really trying. thanks Swinger World your the best!!!
hushpups12 said
I started off and on here in 2005, just to chat. I was amazed that a guy like me could be of interest to so many women. Maybe about a dozen good chat friends letting me in on details of their lives. Then one night I saw an interesting profile not more than 20 miles from me. I wrote a short email saying "Howdy neighbor."

We immediately clicked, as if we'd grown up together. We met and "accidentally" had a wild night. Then we became social playmates, looking for swing parties, having each other's "backs, " so to speak. Her little girls and her parents are the ones that brought up marriage. They said we were so good together. What do you know: in 2008 we married.

Then we didn't know what to do. Continue here? As a married couple? Or settle into conservative domesticity. Guess you know the answer! We are Pups and Peaches at the meets we host. Not only met on here, but the things we worked through eliminated any chance of jealousy. Now almost everyone who sees us thinks of us as a match made in heaven -- but you and I know it was really a match made here on Xmatch. Thanks, Xmatch!
johnnycum1andall said
my success is, I hve made several posts this month and I havent been given credit for any of them toward my sign special, typical Swinger World behaviour
affhotandwild69 said
when im on this site i got to hang out with some cool guys but most of thems are pervs so i only hang out with cool people who knows how to treat ladies nicely
1_Will_ said
Well I honestly found my soul mate bcuz of this site we meet about 6 years ago on here than we exchanged phone numbers then we found each other on face book and her husband left her and now we have fallen madly in love with each other and she is even coming to spend some time with me here in Michigan. And I am only a standard member on this site and the only reason I am even writing this is bcuz I am hoping her husband comes across this and figures out who I am talking about. I will not be back on this site after I post this. Thank you Paul. :-)
tazmansangell said
Myself and my wife have been single for years and happy the way things were. We got tired of the dating scene and both have had experience in the swinging lifestyle. Like me, my wife just got bored going out and playing the night club and meat market games. We wer'e both content being single and planned on staying that way. Since I worked alot and had very little free time I decided to create a profile on Swinger World...we still were not without urges. We both had a very high sex drive. One night off work while playing and chatting on Swinger World I seen just a body shot of a woman in a purple see-thru dress which caught my eye. I would have just glanced and passed by but decided to read the profile. In her profile it read "Looking to meet new people without the hassle of dating" Wow! That was exactly how I felt. I just had to email her and tell her how awesome her statement was. She replied and we started chatting for awhile and eventually exchanged cell numbers. She lived 104 miles away from me. Half jokingly I mentioned that she should come out to visit me some weekend. I worked so much and barely would ever get the time to go out there. She agreed but I never really thought she actually would. We were just basically flirting. One weekend I didn't have to work and she said she was going to come out to see me. I said sure, not really thinking she would. That weekend she called me and said she was on her way, so I gave her directions. I still thougt she was just being flirtateous so I went with it. About 1 1/2 hr she called me and said she was in my town. We only meant to satisfy our sexual hunger and did not expect anything more. When she got to my house we hit it off right away with so much in common. It didn't take long and clothes were flying off and we just went crazy on each other. We sat in my livingroom naked afterwards, not even listening to music or watching TV. We talked and had hot steamy sex for two days straight without ever getting dressed. Had so much fun with her and so much in common that I invited her to come again the next weekend too. For 2 months it became a habit and we became inseparable. We were and will always be true soul mates. Our sex life is never boring. We are very Happy. TY Swinger World.
skipper090776 said
had a couple of meets, both were enjoyable for both parties, and still in contact, keep up the good work ;-)

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